episode one


Our first episode, our first launch into this crazy unknown podcast abyss, began with a comedy of errors thinking we knew what we were doing (we sure didn’t) and ending with a “Woah, we actually did it! And it’s not totally shitty. Yay!” And in the same vein, we landed our first curiosity into the world of Reiki and Chakras with a bunch of confidentially wrong answers leading us to “Ohhhhh that’s what this is”— a format that’s paved the road for this whole thing. 

I first heard the word “Reiki” way back in my theater school days (I’ll pause for your shocked face). This really cool super edgy short haired total opposite of me girl came running in late to a meeting apologizing and telling me her old junk of a car just barely made back from her 5 hour drive but with her ability to reiki some good energy into her steering wheel, she was able to make our meeting. Excuse me, what? What is…Rakey? I tried to ask without sounding judgmental. You know…like energy channeling? Like what Jesus did. She casually responded. 


Oh right. Duh. 


Well 7 years, one cross country move, a yoga teacher training, and an heavily saturated market of vegan chefs and people who refer to themselves as energy healers, I began cracking my mind open to the potential legitimacy of this stuff.

So now what? I went to Reiki with my best friend and chatted about into the ether and…well now I’m totally obsessed with it approaching it as a very necessary thing in my life. Getting on a plane? Get reiki. Big life event coming up? Oh yeah, get you some reiki. Some jerk wad not returning your text? GO. GET. REIKID. I’ve become a total poster child for this Jesus magic shit and I can’t quit talking about it.  The reviews are in and people have gently suggested that I seem “nicer” and “more care free” i.e. I’m a less anxious hateful bitch to my coworkers and friends. I’d call that a win, wouldn’t you?

All that being said, not everyone is ready for their highest spiritual enlightenment and/or to maybe just tone down their hateful bitch status a touch and hey— thats ok. At worst, consider this a little baby reiki infused seed planted into your brain by a girl whose spent more money on crystals and essential oils than she has on doctors appointments in the last 3 years (I probably have a brain tumor but #INeedMoreAmnethyst) and see what begins to blossom. Because it will, whether you believe in all this etherial garbage or not. So see what resonates and what doesn’t, listen to your intuition, research research research, and whether it be reiki or starting a podcast with your best bud or even just daring to try something new and utterly terrifying— jump into that abyss with a wide open heart and trust that it’s absolutely all going to be okay. 


episode 2

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episode 3


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episode 4

dream interpretation

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episode 5

float tanks

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episode 6


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