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Jade Terrel

     Jade was born and raised in Alabama and there just wasn't enough kombucha or avocados so she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles in 2011. In 2017 Jade won her first fantasy football league which made the $80,000 of out of state tuition at FSU finally all seem worth it. In addition to sharking men at the expense of her gambling addiction, Jade has also been pursing her career in acting and writing alongside teaching yoga and bartending...because who doesn't love a cliche as old as time? Her other interests include staring longing into her dog Obi Wan Kenobi's eyes with her boyfriend Chris (seriously how cute is he?!?!), searching endlessly for the best cheeseboard in LA (Manchego Mama's Podcast coming to you soon!), and watching people's heads explode when she tells them she's never read Harry Potter (#sorrynotsorry). Jade eventually hopes to manifest her dream career of being one of those people who gets $1000 every time she posts on instagram.


Talia DInwiddie

     Talia is one of those rare LA natives, who grew up in the not so glamorous suburbs. She spends her days photographing people and furniture, all the while day-dreaming about her many would-be startups, including creating a line of greeting cards for dogs. While studying photography and art at CSULB she took her first yoga class. The philosophical mantras from Mikki the yoga professor, combined with the utterly bewildering experience of flunking said class led Talia down a meandering path of studying and practicing yoga. This combined with other activities often enjoyed by artistic college students expanded the pursuit to include spiritual growth and self exploration, which inspired this podcast. Now, as a grown up, she is a dog mom to terror-terrier Maggie Mae, and a wife to Shakespearean actor William Dinwiddie. Current goals include successfully completing a Whole 30, and paying off all of her parking tickets.