Some Hippy Dippy Bullshit


     Roughly, 4 to 7 past lives ago I met (for ease I’ll refer to her in her current form) my fellow adventure seeking soul sister, Talia. I like to think our souls set up a few flags along our spiritual paths that told us to keep finding each other again and again and just to be sure the password is: Cute Picture Of Dog. In this particular life, we met at our really awesome super fulfilling definitely NOT toxic (yeah it was the fucking worst) restaurant job during what I like to think of as “our most classiest of years”. Let’s just say they were filled with heavy drinking, questionable men neither of our mothers would have approved of, an even more questionable sock bun (*cough* Talia), and a seemingly incurable need to wear sweatpants to literally anywhere and everywhere (ugh…me).

 Man. Good. Fucking. Times.

     We were a beautiful little mess of truly stereotypical early twenties somethings just living our unstably fun lives the best way we knew how.

     Well its several years later and we’re a little bit more boring dating and marrying men our mothers like way more than us and we’re a whole hell of a lot more weird debating the practicality of yoni eggs and wondering which types of crystals and essentials oils can cure cramps and get rid of wrinkles cause #30isUponUsYall. But one thing has always remained the same, and that has been our insatiable need to seek our better and higher selves and the constant wonder of how that all fits into the fast paced, short lived fabby LA lifestyle.  

     So how did we get to that age-old saying used by millions of our millennial ancestors time and time again—“Hey we should totally start a podcast!” Well somewhere down a long road of self designed 30 day yoga challenges, a few gratitude journals, and an ever present wonder of what the fuck does a past life regressionist do and why do I absolutely have to have this essential oil car diffuser ($13.99 on Amazon you are SO welcome) we decided we needed to know more and we figured maybe other people did too.

    Speaking very personally and having lived on both sides of the good, the bad, and the deep fried sides of this country, I use to be a sucker for any fad that would promise to help me lose 10lbs. I just really love a gimmick and that only got worse when I moved from Alabama to LA and “Lose 15lbs on Weight Watchers” turned into “Manifest Your Dream Life Using the 4 Chakra Crystals to Help Align Your Aura”. Okay that last one is clearly made up but it sure does sound like a compression of 7 things I’ve tried because like I said I LOVE A GIMMICK. Everyone does. Human nature y’all.

Enter podcast.

     A podcast an entire friendship in the making, created by us, to begin exploring all that is the metaphysical healing, spiritual, and energy practices world. From crystals to pet psychics to manifestation workshops that god help me better help manifest the money for this past life regressionist cause I GOTS TO KNOW YALL, we are here to figure out if some hippy dippy bullshit you heard about from your acting coach really is seeking a higher truth and better self or if it’s just regular bullshit and don’t waste your money (cause we’ll waste it for you!)

     We invite you to seek alongside us, for better or worse, our deeply impactful and hilarious journey through a city filled both mysticism and (for lack of a better term) money crapshots. We are here to test the waters, report back, and let you know when we find something good and worthwhile.

We’ve been curious and we hope you are too.


Welcome to Curious Vibes.